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#6490 The Community ~ Please Read

Posted by Snibbert on 19 June 2014 - 04:11 AM

Hello fellow members of Hydrocity-EveryoneIsFightingAndBitchingAboutEverything-Gaming.


We are a gaming community full of amazing members that just want to have fun. You guys aren't allowing people to have fun! The reason HYG was so famous and enjoyable back in the day is because people were allowed to do what they want and have fun!


The amount of flame wars I saw on a daily basis while on HYG back when it was a glorious server full of people was gargantuan. People swore, people argued, people fought, and people disagreed. There was literally 2 forum moderators and 3 moderators moderating over hundreds of people. 


HydroCityGaming's problem now is that there is too much administration/moderation. We need to decrease numbers. 2-3 mods and 1-2 Super moderators in-game and 2 forum moderators. We don't need so many moderators! When we have several moderators it creates struggles for power. 1 moderator argues with another and then boom a giant shitshow. The community just wants to have fun. 


Why is everyone being so stuck up and forcing the rules upon everyone?


Picture this: Your at school and that one super dick of a teacher thats always mad and hates their life because they have to deal with you children tells the class your not allowed to talk at all. What do you usually do? You and your friends all start whispering and get louder and louder until the teacher tells you to be quiet. You hate the teacher because he/she is so stuck up and rule FORCING that you aren't enjoying yourself and your having no fun and that teacher is the only teacher that acts like this. You hate that teacher and you hate that class. Do you want to go back to that class tomorrow? No you dont.


Right now thats how the community feels. All of the needlessly excessive amounts of moderators and admins are forcing the rules upon the community and being that one teacher that ruins everyones day. We need to lower the amount of moderators and everyone needs to pull their foots out of their asses and stop being so strict and uptight.


LagiaCruz is the definition of a perfect administrator/moderator. He is always open to suggestion, he never really posts splitting up a flame war or argument, he rarely warns for swearing, he wants the community to have fun and he is never biased towards things, he doesn't make a big deal out of little things that don't need to be transformed into giant shitshows, and he doesn't start flame wars or argue/talk down to members of the community. I don't think i've ever seen a single person have a problem with Lagia. Lagia just wants the community to have fun. I know if something got REALLY OUT OF HAND he would step in and apprehend the situation. Just because a flame war or argument or anything like is currently happening or going to happen doesn't mean he has to step in. Kudos to you Lagia.




To the other moderators/administration: What I just described is what you should look up to. You don't need to be so stuck up about the rules and power-hungry because you have power. Just because you have power doesn't mean you have to use it. Just let the community have fun. The community just wants to have fun and it is as simple as that. If the community isn't having fun then your not going to have a community. Lets decrease the numbers of staff and increase the numbers of regular community members. 2-3 mods  1-2 Super moderators and 2 forum moderators. We want positions like these to be special and be worth working for. People should look up to these positions and dream of being in them. Right now there is so many moderators etc... that it isn't really an accomplishment.


Ide love to see this server grow back to it's former glory. And how it is right now isn't going to get us there.


Thank you for taking your time to read this. I'de appreciate if there is MATURE conversation about this topic below. 

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#6179 Sorry.

Posted by kikkid00 on 17 June 2014 - 06:17 PM

Sorry for being immature and posting inappropriate stuff. I do need to realize that the community has younger aged people, and I will respect that.

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#3796 An Unexpected But Due Apology

Posted by Danny on 29 May 2014 - 09:12 AM

Dear Sir / Madam,

Hi All,

I’d like to apologise for what a poor job I’ve been doing as an administrator. Even though I’m only meant to be part-time at the moment, I still feel like I’ve done an inadequate job - mainly in the moderating department.

I remember back in the day, just less than a year ago, when I first received admin. It can sometimes feel like you have so much power thrusted upon you (there’s buttons everywhere!) and you are misusing it if you don’t use it. That’s a really bad outlook to have upon it. I haven’t just gone round throwing warning points, but my warnings before allocating points were essentially a shit job. I look to improve on that.

Meanwhile, I’ve been acting way too strictly and sometimes irrationally. A Scrooge to say the least. But, I’m going to change this. Firstly, by fixing the rules up some more to make them actually somewhat reasonable. Second, by ensuring that when someone does break the rules, they get fair warning before a punishment is given. Sometimes this wasn’t the case and that needs to change.

I want to see this community be a fun place and a prosperous community just like you guys and listening to you is what counts. The majority of you guys are teenage and having the rules set in place to protect younger children doesn't make so much sense.

In some cases where I took the right action, I didn’t handle it well. For example, the banning of some users. I could have handled them much better rather than just enforcing the punishment without much explanation or anything. In future, I’ll be sure to document it and also ensure that is is fair punishment, perhaps consulting another member of staff which I advise all staff should probably do.

In conclusion, I’d like to generally apologise for my off-form attempt at being a good administrator. I hope to change this if you give me a chance. If you don’t want me to be an administrator anymore, that’s fine and I can accept that as you probably have good reason. In the meantime, I’d like to try and fix this mess with the points I’ve made above and in other threads.

Thanks to xXPandemoniumXx and others (and Muskrat!) for pointing out to me how out of hand the moderation of content has got in his thread. I hope you don't feel that your feedback has gone in one ear and out the other - I'd really like to make a difference now. Please feel free to call us out on some of our BS sometimes! A simple PM or thread!

~ Dan

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#6641 Steam summer sale giveaway.

Posted by UnboundForce on 20 June 2014 - 04:51 AM

post down below, I'll be doing a random roll. you will be numbered by each post, only your first post counts, so you will be numbered 1-?  then I will go on random.org and roll.  15$ limit on a game, you pick. 

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#8788 There is no point

Posted by Snibbert on 09 July 2014 - 03:59 AM

Im on my phone so bare with me. People of this community need to stop saying hydrosis is an unfit owner and is not capable of managing a server. We cannot do anything about it. As a community we cant rebel against hydrosis for him to give up his positon. It doesnt work that way. Hydrosis is the founder and creater of hyg just like bill gates was for microsofr. If the people of the world didnt want bill gates to own microsoft and rebel against him that wouldn't chnage a thing. No matter what we do bill gates is always the founder/owner of microsoft. He owns it. Just like hydrosis owns hydrocitygaming and the domains. Instead of fighting against him we should be working with him. Instead of bitching about how unfit he is lets say hey hydrosis we would like this to happen because u always dissapear. Wede like lagiacrus, dancarl, and unknownax to have full access to the vps/server and all passwords affiliated. Then hydrosis may take it into consideration and give them the powers they need. If hydrosis comes back to all these accusations that hes a bad unfit owner and how immature and bitchy were being why would he wanna give us power? We need to work with him and not against him if we want to succeed. Ive talked with hydrosis and this isnt his fault. He was told on his vacation he would be gicen a 3g usb stick. He got one but the software on it isnt compatable with windows 8. As soon as he can be here he will be. He cares alot about this server but this is out of his control. That is all.
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#3900 Recent Stuff

Posted by dodgybrothers on 29 May 2014 - 09:33 PM

I'm going to get straight to the point. 


Recently, a few users have made it necessary to criticise me and constantly neg-rep me (which I don't really care about, it's just rep, after all), mainly because of the 'Bullying' news post. I'd like to start by telling you why I made that post. Bullying has been a big part of my life. I've been bullied before, my friends get bullied. I have very strong views about anti-bullying. People are thinking that I went to far, making a news post telling people to stop bullying. First of all, I discussed it with other staff members, and we thought a news post was good, because bullying HAS been happening around the community. To all the people that have been constantly talking about me, saying I'm abusive, I'm sorry if my anti-bullying post somehow offended you, but I'd rather go 'Too Far' on an anti bullying thing then have someone commit suicide because of the harassment they recieved through PM's, and other means of communication in-game. (I've played in a community where this has happened). 


If I've said anything to offend anyone in recent days, I apologise for my actions. I could've handled the whole bullying thing a bit better, and I will admit I probably went a bit overboard. I'm sorry about that, it's just my strong views against it. 


I'd like to write more, but I have to get ready for school. 





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#6492 The Community ~ Please Read

Posted by Lagiacrus on 19 June 2014 - 04:17 AM

God dang this needed to be said. I've been brewing it in my head for a while to talk to Hydrosis to make an addendum to the Rules that allows for lee-way, that allows for fun, so that the forum staff and server staff don't have to jump down everyone's throats for every single little thing.

Even with the Pollo situation, that didn't deserve punishment really at all and I'm going to go purge the punishment from his account, because the only thing that Saint brought as "evidence" was Pollo saying "dildo" and asking for naked pics jokingly.


I honestly agree that there is too much moderation now that you make such a great point out of it, and now that things are becoming more apparent. I for one don't want to see the state of HyG turn into one of fear of constant moderation, no-fun, and staff always breathing down people's necks.


I'm not going to wait for Hydro anymore like I was, I'm going to make the official addition to the rules that basically eliminates constant moderation and I'll make a front page announcement going over this. 

As for the too-much-staff issue, that is one I can't tackle on my own, but I will bring it up with the other admins/Hydro and try to see what I can do.

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#4668 "useless" Posts

Posted by Enlyko on 06 June 2014 - 10:41 PM

I've got a rant lined up for all of you.


Lately, I've been seeing a lot of "useless" posts. I don't mean to sound rude or anything, and i don't actually mean they're completely useless in most cases (hence the quotation marks). What i'm trying to say by these is: People are trying to get their post count up by any means necessary. To be honest, i find this obnoxious and slightly immature. If you don't have anything to contribute to the discussion, then don't post at all please. Its nice that you try to contribute, but please find a different manner such as making a different thread or actually posting something meaningful. If the people posting these posts that contribute absolutely nothing to the thread think that if they have a high post count other will consider them to be "cool" or something, please think again. I myself admire people not because they have a post on EVERY SINGLE GODDAMN THREAD, but rather the people that may have few posts, but all of them are meaningful and i end up having more information, being entertained, being enlightened... after reading the post. Take Redwingsdan as an example. If you looked at his posts, every single one he made had meaning and were very constructive. I don't want all of us to be like him, since if it were that way there would be very little posts all together. Have fun, make jokes, bring new ideas to the table or anything, just please make your post worth something.


With this i'm not trying to demotivate people from making posts. Just please make sure that when you do post, you're not doing it because of your post count, but rather that you're posting because you're "giving" something to the community. For example, next time you agree with something, don't just write "I agree" but rather make it constructive by mentioning what you like about it, maybe give some possible ways to improve. Same goes for if you disagree with someone, use constructive criticism to show how you disagree.


Thank you for your time, and i swear to god, if you make a useless post on this thread i will negative rep the shit out of you.


Have a nice day :)

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#3660 Is The Rules Going Too Far With Inappropriate Language

Posted by xXPandemoniumXx on 29 May 2014 - 01:39 AM

Okay so I Just got my first warning points EVER in HYG Because of something That this community has always done; be inappropriate.


So I am wondering why they choose to change HYG into a kids playground? I told Serquez a bit ago (sorry dont know how to spell that) that we have to tolerate 9 year olds thats how it is, this community is revolved around a game for the younger consumers.....And I do tolerate that, But for me the problem is the mods going ham diggidy dam restricting our language and expression so that they can get Mr. Rogers to come in and give us all a bed time story at 7 O'clock PM.


Ever since HYG started we had the RIGHT to tell people how we felt and in a manner more aggressive than some. Other times we just express ourselves and our devotion to humor in many other ways. Sex jokes, rape jokes, acting homosexual towards your fellow members who by now are like your brothers, naughty jokes, racist jokes, calling people nigerians....without the "ian" part.....and an extra "g", and many MANY more. Thats what made me love this damn place. Unique individuals, every one of you. You don't care if people thought you were gay because you like to take it up the butt, you were just here to laugh, have fun, and just chill. We had fun and we all knew that when someone said they wanted to rape you....its a ducking joke. Back then we had many 9 year olds, even 8. Are community was as diverse as a anime convention in Canada (seriously, cross dressing, tight pants, no underwear on hot female individuals, i can go on and tell you how I had to go home after 4 min in the anime con because my pants had been blasted with the white fluid of joy). It was peacful and we were always inappropriate and we loved eachother nonetheless....but than the moderators attacked.


I get it okay! Yes If their parents saw and could read english, they would bring that flipper from their feets and up their holes. Parents do not wish to teach their kids these types of words. But guess what? i live in a BROWN family, let me say it again, BROWN. Thats right, you get the damn back end of the spoon if you dun fuck up. they HATED the idea of me swearing, EVEN NOW I cannot swear or be inappropriate near them because they will stick a spoon so far up my ass that you'd mistake me for having two dicks. BUT LOOK AT ME. LISTEN TO ME. I swear if i want to and I swear for the hell of it. IM MAKING THIS THREAD SO I CAN FIGHT FOR MY RIGHT TO SWEAR FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!


why? BECAUSE ITS HUMAN NATURE. We all learn how to swear one way or the other. We all will use it one day or the other. and we all love to use it. I was in grade 1 when i first learned to swear. It was small but it was ight. One day I accidentally swore when my mom was there. LIL ME: " FUCK :D". I had to go to the doctors after that cuz....."i fell on my leg"....atleast thats what the doc thinks. LMAO dont get me wrong, my mother loves me and would shank a nigerian if they ever tried to hurt me.


What I am saying is, Kids swear more now a days. For me it was just small uses of swears so that I can show my fellow classmates imma BEAST. Nowadays they just use it in any situation while they smoke their weed and throw out gang signs. Fucked up generation m8. 


You all agree (or 99% should) that I don't disrespect you unless you do so to me. I am kind, loving, and i am devoted to make people laugh. Even if my jokes dont make them laugh, I try my best to do so. I got used to using inappropriate language because of this, Because I wanted to show my love to people and make them laugh. To have that right taken away is just.....bad (have nothing better to say cuz WE ARENT ALLOWED TO). 


This is because the mods are hoping to make this palce KID FRIENDLY. Honey, even kids arent KID FRIENDLY. I dont like this. I DO NOT LIKE THIS AT ALL. I hate it. restriction of language takes away half the diversity around here, stops ME and MANY OTHERS from being able to express themselves. WE CANT EVEN USE OUR HYG WELCOME TO OUR NEW MEMBERS ANYMORE. THATS HOW FAR ITS GONE. they want you to be more professional or something? LOOK AT DODGY, I remember that dude having smiley faces all the time and shit, after he became a mod hes just direct and just....just words. No emotion, atleast from what he shows me. Or maybe it was someone else...fuck was it? YOU GET THE POINT.




joker woulda sliced their lips by now.


your endorsing the kid friendly factor more than the happy fun mature language factor. WHY? our minecraft server is donation dependent, you think a 9 year old gonna save up his allowance and donate 20 bucks? or do you think their parents would do it?


DUDE my parents didnt allow me to have cool stuff on my damn club penguin account man. Unless their parents dont give two potato's about teaching them to think more about their school, or if they are rich as the girl named Candy waiting at the red-light district, than we wont be getting anything out of them. 


I tolerate the younger people, but making the forums target them way more than the mature, employed, money wasting adults is a really bad idea anyway? 


Anyway heres the deal. I got this poll thing set up. Now, DEPENDING ON THE VOTES I will either Msg Hydro to look at this and review the rules and ask him if he would be so kind as to give what the community wants, shut up about this and follow the rules of these dictators we call MODS and follow you guise and say "oh golly gosh" instead of "FUCK YEA", or leave if I can't take this stuff *COUGH COUGH ACTIVE DONATOR WHO NOW HAS A JOB TOO SO HE CAN DONATE MORE SINCE THE MONEY MIGHT BE TIGHT COUGH COUGH COUGH


sorry got a cold.







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#3413 Perk Suggestions

Posted by Enlyko on 27 May 2014 - 04:08 PM

For all those who do not understand the term Monetary support:

It means donations, its just that Hydrosis is trying to sound important. :P


To the poll:

IMO the answer most of you should want to chose is B. This is because that question has something to do with the release of the server since we must answer it before the server is announced. B=before A=after. These two word are also synonyms with sooner or later.

Now, what does sooner or later refer to you may ask. The poll is titled Mysterious Question. Now, if we rearrange the letters you can get "your Moist Quietness." The capital letters in the name of the poll make sure that this way of rearranging it to not have a capital letter in the middle of a word.

What the crap is "your Moist Quietness" supposed to mean? This is simple. This refers to New Years Eve.

When is it moist? During the winter.

What personal to you and people around you? The Holidays

When is it quiet during the winter holidays? None of them, but one of the nights is MUCH louder than the rest. NEW YEARS EVE!


Now to get to the point of the question. Hydrosis is asking about what year you want the server to finally be opened.

A: After 2014

B: During 2014


BAM! Your mind=blown


Now to the perks:

I find the current list of perks is doing fine. It looks like it was before just put simpler, but that's fine. Don't forget to add that you can donate money for a private room on the teamspeak server if that is still valid. Maybe an interesting thing would be for the highest teir to be able to ask you a single question that you have to answer, but thats only if you'd be down to whoring yourself out :)

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#1 Welcome!

Posted by UnknownAX on 05 May 2014 - 04:02 PM

So once again HydroCity is slowly coming back, we aren't exactly anywhere near complete and I don't expect us to be for a while. However we've now got the wheel turning once again and we've now got the forums back up and running.


The forums look bare, I need your help with how to make it look alive like it was before. I need to add more categories and coloured user tags etc but most of all we need to get the server back up. At the moment we don't have any staff, I'm willing to accept anyone who is willing to help, show me your committed and I'll allow you to help out. 


Simply PM me with what you think your skills are as we need everyone and anyone whose willing. At the end of the day we all want HydroCity back to how it was before, I believe I'd be right in saying all of us miss it.



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#7338 who am I?

Posted by lawrenxe on 25 June 2014 - 11:57 AM

hahahahha poor lawrence.....


like dis if u cry evertim D:

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#5960 Staff Photos 2014!

Posted by Ducky on 16 June 2014 - 07:41 AM















Congratulations to HyG's new mods of 2014! 

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#5797 Peace

Posted by UnknownAX on 15 June 2014 - 07:34 AM

How to start this thread, I have no idea.


This community wouldn't have come back if it wasn't for you guys, after the HDD failed the community died and I thought it'd come back sooner but it didn't. I'm lucky I was trusted enough to help get the forums and the behinds the scene stuff setup to make this community alive again. 


I'd like to say well done to those who applied for staff as there were some good applications, it just shows how much you guys truly care about the community and want to make a change and help. 


Now to the main part for this thread, I've been thinking for the past few days of leaving for good. I feel the community has changed too much and I'm not liking the new changes if I'm honest. While some of the changes are refreshing and I do agree with them, it's just some I think are pointless and are quite restricting.


It feels like this community is moving in the wrong direction. I feel like a kid in primary school having to follow instructions on how to do things, which I don't agree with. While I think we should follow rules I don't feel that I need to be managed.


One last thing I'd like to say is that Daniel is unbelievably talented and a dedicated staff member, make sure you treasure him.

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#4335 Respect

Posted by Hydrosis on 02 June 2014 - 09:52 AM

Hello fellow community members,


The server is coming along quite well. There are only a few more bugs to fix, so the production server should be coming up soon! Again, if you have any suggestions, send me a PM and I'll add it to my list of things to consider/add/fix :)


Now, I know that resurrecting this community and server might have a lot of you excited; so excited, that you guys want to advertise everywhere. While I'm thrilled that you guys have that mindset, please be courteous of other servers and communities. If they have a rule which states you cannot advertise on their forums/servers, please do not do so. If you have friends who play on other servers and wish to invite them, then please do it in private. Breaking the rules on other communities will just give HyG a bad reputation; a reputation that makes us look immature and disrespectful.


Again, thanks for all of the support and excitement, but please remember to behave outside of these walls, as well.



- Hydrosis :)

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#2008 What's This!

Posted by Snowie on 18 May 2014 - 12:49 PM

What's This! A second Introduction!!! You must read!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here is a story that you will not soon forget.


[color=rgb(0,255,255);]Minecraft 1.6.4 BETA[/color]


This is when I join. under the name "Berry555". I was 14 turning 15 Years old. I had just begun getting into minecraft when I found myself getting bored of the every day gaming time of Minecraft Single player. I began a search for Minecraft servers. It wasn't until I looked into servers that I began to notice different types of Servers. The one that seemed most interesting was Grief, Survival, Anarchy, Factions. not knowing what half they meant and only searching by the how the words appealed to me, I came across a Yahoo post asking for a good Minecraft server with those words as a description Filter. The first post (response) I saw had no link to a forum page (I think) and only had the IP. I joined not knowing what to expect. Under the name Berry555, I was kicked multiple times the minute I joined because I did not know how to register xD.


After registration, I began wandering around seamlessly Surprised that I was playing Minecraft with Others. I began looking around and socializing. As I look back on it now, I realized how annoying I was and how I assumed everyone was my friend.


I left Spawn and after 5 minutes of talking and spamming chat, I decided to keep to myself and kill anyone I saw.


[color=rgb(0,255,255);]Minecraft 1.8 BETA[/color]


By this point I had joined my first faction and was going by the name "Snowie525". I can not remember for the life of me what the faction name was or who was in it. What I can remember was the humiliation I went through at the end of the faction life. As most of you may or may not remember, if you were in a faction before this was changed, when you die you were teleported back to your f home. I logged in at the wrong time and was greeted by raiders. I was cornered and eventually killed. As I respawned back in the f home, I tried to teleport away, but again, I was killed. They discovered the location of /f home and camped there. 6 of them I remember were surrounding /f home waiting for me to respawn where I would be greeted with sticks being swung at my face. They bashed me to death countless times with sticks... I think I remember 1 or 2 people. Bojan being one of them.


[color=rgb(0,255,255);]AFTER Minecraft 1.8 BETA[/color]


After I left the faction I went on my own, before eventually joining yet another faction. by this point I had become friends with alot of people, one of which being my best pall "J_Bivs". We were PVP buddies. We were in oposite factions that were enemies with each other, but together we forgot all that and simply killed people as they dropped out at /warp wild. We would hop around and just stand there AFK at Warp Wild as we watch and see who is the best pvper online, and then we both took him out together.


Shortly after his departure I became close friends with yet another person. Chaotic. Together we lived as we build the biggest and most hidden mob grinder in all existence. At this time I was continuously on the look out for "Fone_Bone". I would roam around the nether looking for Glowstone to sell When I would see a name appear, It was yet again Fone. I would crouch behind or under the ground as I watch his name tag run past me and eventually dispensary. one day I was with Chaotic, When I began talking to him about Fone. Shortly after I realized these 2 guys were palls. We worked together from there on. I remember at one time I was given an efficiency V pickaxe and we all  laughed as I spammed the neather with it. Chronic fell in the Lava it was sooo funny xD


After yet again the departure of another close friend (Chronic), I met HeMan and others. People I already knew of but didn't know. MegWarrior, Dodgy, Lugia, Lawrence, Sgt_KiiLa, LsR, SVC. My life on Hydrocity was made thanks to these guys. but before I get into this story, I will tell another about a youtuber that joined the ranks of Hydrocity.


[color=rgb(0,255,255);]Tully Pulmer[/color]


Tully Pulmer, Or "Tullus101" I think his name was, Was a youtuber that joined Hydrocity to record a lets play. He quickly became friends with both me and Lugia. as the official release of Minecraft was out, together we lived as 3 in a small house inside a mountain. it seemed everytime both me and him recorded, Either his recorder would stop picking up my microphone, or it became jumpy. This lead me on to think Tullus secretly disliked me and did not want to say it. During this time I receive private message from someone by the username "DuckyOfEpic" saying they joined Hydrocity thanks to our video. as I mentioned this to tullus, He stated that he too received a similar message by the same person. I quickly grew fond of ducky as he had much to learn about online communities and I felt I could teach him, I soon became part of his faction.


Tullus then decided to quit Minecraft and youtube. To this day I can not find his old youtube channel nor his minecraft username, Yet again, another close friend gone.




Ducky went on to become well known around the server and reminded me of myself. A decently young new player eager to make friends yet annoyed them at any attempt to do so. I am pretty sure it was ducky who along with personal friends, Created a faction in the middle of the ocean and invited me to join. I am still unsure if I accepted or not but I remember what the faction looked like and I have to admit, I did raid it once. (Sorry ducky). 


Ducky (for some reason I had to edit it because it said baby life injection devicey some how) Went on with Lugiacrus (Lagiacrus) to create the QuartzCrusade. A decently well know faction that was a skybase surrounded by lava, obsidian, and Glowstone. I built a snow mansion in it I remember xD I also owned a small house that was located under the ground east of the Faction SkyBase. It was underground with a layer of Snow around it, it was my home. I had a snow generator as I supplied another faction with Snow to make a snowball arena. I also sold stacks of snow blocks to anyone who was interested. I also remember Azergagash at the time teleported into my house and built a trap in my lounge as I was generating snow. He built it out of bedrock and told me to get in the minecart. I did so without worry and slowly died to death. moving back and forth I could not teleport out, and for some reason I was unable to hop out of the minecart. I disconnected. I come back on the next day to have the contraption still sitting in my lounge. I was not able to have it removed until an admin came online. I also discovered someone mined into my base. "

"GiggatyGoo" I am pretty sure found my base and mined into it. I think it was Azer who used the block function and found out. None of my items were take though which was good. I remember the items I had on display too xD Glass Dome Of Awesome (Glass block) ,Snowie's Snowy Snow Ball (Snow Ball), Snow Sword Of Snow (Diamond Sword). They were cool xD


The faction was huge, Having houses everywhere, and even a farm in the middle. Shortly before I left QuartzCrusade, A hacker was invited into the base. using ForceField, He killed us as we could do nothing but watch as someone in our faction ran round using the mining tool on Nodus to break blocks as they ran around in circles around our faction. Lagiacrus's house was in ruins. They were eventually removed from the faction and banned.




The DragonBorns at the time were Allies with the QuartsCrusade. I found myself constantly Teleporting there and helping them as everyone in that faction was a close friend of mine. I then decided to leave my current faction to join this one. It was warm and welcoming. And best of all, My friends were in it <3


[color=rgb(0,255,255);]The Vault[/color]


Hey you remember the Vault Right? I know I do. it was a giant underground build that was made to store people's items in so they can be transferred to the new map. I filled my chests to the max with all my items. Upon the new map, after I had made a new home underground at bedrock level at the end of a cave, I moved all my items in. I begin living my days in minecraft as usual.


I log in one nice afternoon to find my house in ruins. My house was filled with lava. What was strange about this was there were no visible areas where the player gained entry, and only my hidden room behind the painting had been raided. After some investigation work, I received a screenshot from Azergagash (I think) showing how I had unavailable items in my chests (Fire blocks). I myself was shocked. I had no idea how this had happened. I came to the conclusion that The transfer of the vault had caused a bug that changed the item ID turning it into a different item. That may be why I had a Sharpness IV stick xD So I found out that Azergagash had invited someone into my house to raid it simply because I had unnatural items.






So that is the main parts of my life in Hydrocity. I joined when I was 14 turning 15. I am now 17 turning 18. Thankyou Hydrosis for the great experiences.


-Snowie ;D

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#1982 Hello World!

Posted by Hydrosis on 18 May 2014 - 07:15 AM

Well, school is finally over for me! So I believe an update from me is in order.


I've been in college for the past two years and they've been the most busiest years of my life. There is a lot to do down there, but there is also a lot of homework. As a result, I couldn't keep the same commitment to the community as I could when I was in high school junior/senior year. Now I have more trustworthy and competent members to help around; so I'm looking forward to having people handle situations if I'm ever too busy to get on.


I'm studying computer science, so I know a fair amount about software/programming. Hopefully I can put those skills to great use here. Over winter break, I started to make plugins. I made about 20 plugins in one month; they ranged from simple plugins to a minigames, so I have a bit of experience creating custom coded plugins. So if a large amount of people have an idea of a plugin for the server, let me know and I'll do my best to make it reality!


So yeah, I think those are the essentials for right now (or at least what I could think of in 5 minutes). Looking forward to seeing you all!   ^_^


- Hydrosis :)


P.S. I know that many of you have sent me PMs this past week, but I've been really busy studying for finals. I do my best to get to them all as quickly as I can.

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#1023 Show us yourself (ehehehe)

Posted by Taco on 12 May 2014 - 11:26 AM

Saint's favorite thread.

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#8165 someone help me

Posted by Pollo on 29 June 2014 - 07:13 PM

dont put it in the fish tank to swim 

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#7535 So, Hey!

Posted by lawrenxe on 26 June 2014 - 06:07 AM

NB : I honestly don't care how many negative downvotes this gets.


If you don't want to get butthurt - don't open the spoiler. I wouldn't want you to leave agian... ..........I warned you.



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